Whole World Word

Billions of people are feeling it now. Billions are crying because of it. Some are happy because of the reward that it brings. But no one ever wants to endure pain. Right now a heart is in vain because of a loss of a treasurable object or beloved one. A heart is in vain because of a disease that they are suffering from. A heart is in vain because of the labour pains experienced as a result of child birth. Now matter what the pain. The reward to it is a gain. Remember : NO PAIN NO GAIN.

It is earned by many through virtues of trust. Respect is a free good that has economically been turned into a consumer good. Those who have the money to buy it do it almost at free will while others toil for it. However there is no doubt that you can learn to respect whether a child or an adult without expecting anything in return. Do it for yourself, to sustain your livelihood and those of others.

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