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Let love leave

Published May 31, 2018 by Social Working Poet

Let love leave when it wants to take off

Don’t talk it into stay

It has a better place somewhere

It is destined for greatness elsewhere without you

Let love leave when it wants to take off

Don’t cry it into stay

It has an emotional bank to vest on

Your tests will just fall on the ground if you continue to cry

You will drown in the ocean

While it sails to the other side where beauty awaits it.

Let love leave when it takes off

Don’t rethink memories of the past with you

Don’t rethink meptoes of the present and the future without it.

Let love leave when it takes off

It has new memories to recreate with the future that is meaningful without you

It has possibilities and awaiting adventure times

Let love leave

Love love to leave

Let it take off

Free love from yourself

Let it breath without you heavily breathing on it

Let it think without you Over thinking about it

Let it leave without you forcing it to stay.


Uncensored Poets 17

Published October 3, 2017 by Social Working Poet



Reminder of some of the issues that made everyone write a facebook post, tweet about and which you can use as a base for your submission.

1. Dead pose
2. Cyclone Dineo
3. Taxi Rape
4. SASSA crisis
5. Sesethu

Inbox us or comment with any other suggestions…


Published September 30, 2017 by Social Working Poet

call for submissions edited 1


Oshyn Publications is excited to announce our first open submissions for a poetry anthology from South African poets, or poets living in South Africa. This is the first time we are announcing an open reading period and we are looking forward to reading exciting new work. Please take note the following information :


Uncensored Poets is a poetry project that aims to capture issues that take height in South Africa during the year. These issues range from social, political to environmental and economical.  To be considered for the project you are required to send one poem that captures either one issue or a number of issues that you have observed during the year. Your poem should be accompanied by your biography of about 10-15 lines which will also include the reason why you would like to be part of the project and how your inclusion will contribute to the project.


¨ Submission will be open from the 1st of November 2017 to the 31st  of January 2018.

¨ Poem must be written in any language of the writer’s choice.

¨ Every manuscript will be read, and all will be considered for publication.

¨ We accept poems from writers of any experience, published or not.  The only criterion for eligibility is that writers either be South African, or permanent citizens of South Africa.


Only writers of successful submissions will be replied to, and will be offered our standard contract. Please note that this is not a competition: we reserve the right to publish none of the manuscripts received during this submissions period. Submission will only be accepted through our email address, oshynpublications@gmail.com, as either .doc or .pdf attachments with all text in Times New Roman.



Published May 30, 2017 by Social Working Poet


I am on and off

I wonder if I were to be which part of the switch will I be proud to be

The on

Or the off

I mean when you’re off you are ease, rest assured that you’re saving so much energy

Rest assured that you’re only important when the darkness catches up with people

But when you’re on

You become some irritating sometimes

You waste so much energy

You exhaust yourself in simple things

You try so much to impress

You want to be seen for brightening up everyone’s life


Honestly wish I can turn myself off right now

As I turn of the light


For only when I lay hot head on my pillow and close my eyes

A lot of energy gets saved up