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Uncensored Poets 17

Published October 5, 2017 by Social Working Poet

Source: Uncensored Poets 17


And I quote

Published May 22, 2016 by Social Working Poet

My pain is adjacent to my hapiness.

I endure all with the same measure.


I can’t seem to measure, for I endure pain in the hope of hapiness

And ensure hapiness with the hope of questioning what will happen when pain surprises me .

The journey began continues… How wonderful it is..

Published May 22, 2016 by Social Working Poet

For the pain that you’ve caused

I’ll forgive you like you’ve done nothing

For the hurful words you’ve said

I’ll brush them off my mind like you said nothing

For my innocence that you’ve devoured

I’ll try to let go of the painful memories that you’ve instilled

For causing nothing but trouble

I’ll come handy with a bag full of solutions

Isn’t it wonderful that you thought you were doing bad

But turned me into a goddess of hope

Isn’t it wonderful that you thought you were destroying me

But your deeds seemed like a building block to the inner me?

Truth of the matter is, no matter what you do, wonder comes and wonder doesnt only come

wonder comes and bring hope

when the least you ever think about is causing destruction.

The journey began… Continues : Soaked emotions.

Published October 26, 2015 by Social Working Poet

A heart in Vain searching for a fear that will bring Pain.
Scepticism strides along trifles of wonders.
Million wonders of this world
In my mind they wander


Uncertainty  crowds in
Suddenly creeps in
Crawling in searching for a crock of shit
Lord have mercy on this crestfallen soul


The journey began… Continues: what’s more important?

Published October 1, 2015 by Social Working Poet

Too much maybe be said, too much maybe be hidden. What’s more important? Telling an untold story or remaining silent when there is a story to tell.
Poetry is the way to tell
Draw pictures
Complete puzzles
Play with words
Fill in a paper the music composed by the heart and translated by the mind.