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Published May 30, 2017 by Social Working Poet


I am on and off

I wonder if I were to be which part of the switch will I be proud to be

The on

Or the off

I mean when you’re off you are ease, rest assured that you’re saving so much energy

Rest assured that you’re only important when the darkness catches up with people

But when you’re on

You become some irritating sometimes

You waste so much energy

You exhaust yourself in simple things

You try so much to impress

You want to be seen for brightening up everyone’s life


Honestly wish I can turn myself off right now

As I turn of the light


For only when I lay hot head on my pillow and close my eyes

A lot of energy gets saved up




Published September 12, 2016 by Social Working Poet

My precept on an underlying indulegence

Preheats my diaphragm

Holding onto my breath

And arguing the anguishes of my level of depth

Placing my hands above my head

Anticipating the decree of my proluding pride

My heart gasping with heavy beatings

Engulfing the heavy flow of my crimson blood

And hauling emotions and thoughts to meet at a centre stage where I must either miss or take this opportunity that tomorrow will be covered with a flux of tears and fears

One that will be titled a mistake.

One that will be derived from melancholic speeches of “I wish I didnt”, “I hate myself”, “I’m the worst person ever”

All those that resort to the blame game

Because I am Miss Take

And I make mistakes

On what I miss and take









Published August 5, 2016 by Social Working Poet

At the end of the day we rest assured of the promised land.

The greatest place ever in history to visualise the future for us.

The greatest place ever in history to torment us emotionally and bring the excitement and frustration about the future.

We sleep anyway.

Dream anyhow.

For this life is an ever changing season


Published June 16, 2016 by Social Working Poet

I’m still searching for a place to call my own

A heart I cannot disown

A lover I cannot renounce

I’m still searching for a place to call my own

A pride

I can be proud of me

A smile

I can turn to when I cry

A slap on the face

When I’m overwhelmed with joy

I’m still searching…

Searching and searching

Searching for a place to call my very own.

A place where I can be free

A place where I can be me without question of fault, moral or society’s selection of whats wrong and whats right.

I’m searching…SelfieCity_20160515160831_org.jpg



I still see you

Published May 27, 2016 by Social Working Poet

in my dreams

you appear quite often

like a thought longing to be thought about quite often

you are that in me

you are like love surpassing my level of thinking

you challange me to think

you are like hate surpassing my level of loving

you challange me to love

you still make me believe in love

you make me believe in people

in all things kind

you are the reason i never play with people’s emotions

the reason i always make sure that i never leave  a conversation pending

you are one reason why i often introduce myself with a smile

and conclude my sentences with a simile

though death seperates us

a friend like you is truely amazing to keep in mind

the memories we had are continously giving me a bigger picture

always giving me precautionary signs when im about to get lost in the love loving route


Published May 24, 2016 by Social Working Poet

Do you cry when you feel what I feel?

Do you even try to feel what I feel?

When you tell me you feel me

When you say you understand my pain

When you say we’re in this together

Do you ever guard the gate of your month

Or do you just spit out words to make me feel less vulnerable?

I’m trying to understand the irony that you bring with your metaphors.