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Published September 12, 2016 by Social Working Poet

My precept on an underlying indulegence

Preheats my diaphragm

Holding onto my breath

And arguing the anguishes of my level of depth

Placing my hands above my head

Anticipating the decree of my proluding pride

My heart gasping with heavy beatings

Engulfing the heavy flow of my crimson blood

And hauling emotions and thoughts to meet at a centre stage where I must either miss or take this opportunity that tomorrow will be covered with a flux of tears and fears

One that will be titled a mistake.

One that will be derived from melancholic speeches of “I wish I didnt”, “I hate myself”, “I’m the worst person ever”

All those that resort to the blame game

Because I am Miss Take

And I make mistakes

On what I miss and take









I still see you

Published May 27, 2016 by Social Working Poet

in my dreams

you appear quite often

like a thought longing to be thought about quite often

you are that in me

you are like love surpassing my level of thinking

you challange me to think

you are like hate surpassing my level of loving

you challange me to love

you still make me believe in love

you make me believe in people

in all things kind

you are the reason i never play with people’s emotions

the reason i always make sure that i never leave  a conversation pending

you are one reason why i often introduce myself with a smile

and conclude my sentences with a simile

though death seperates us

a friend like you is truely amazing to keep in mind

the memories we had are continously giving me a bigger picture

always giving me precautionary signs when im about to get lost in the love loving route

The journey began… Continues : I’m not afraid

Published September 21, 2015 by Social Working Poet

I’m not afraid of being a failure
I’m not afraid of being a loser
I’m not afraid of taking risks
I’m not afraid of being deceived
I’m not afraid of being lied to
I’m not afraid of being cheated on
I’m not afraid of being hated
I’m not afraid of being embarrassed
I’m afraid of not failing,losing,taking risks, being deceived,being lied to, being cheated on,being hated and being embarrassed.
Because I’ll never grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally if I don’t experience the worst.

A life of pain and suffering is much more thrilling and exciting than a life of happiness.

I’m not saying you deserve pain simply because you’re exposed to it.
I’m not saying you should preserve happiness simply because you’re exposed to it.
The moral of my statement is that in life we go through different challenges and we should embrace more about pain to let go of it and not only focus on embracing happiness because it never lasts. The other thing is that pain opens more rooms of teaching than happiness does.